About Orange Fox

Orange Fox is a coaching and consulting agency that helps people make positive changes in their life.

I am here as your thinking partner to help you unearth your new direction and move forwards, whether it’s regaining your mojo, finding a new job path, or moving past things that are holding you back.

How does it work?

In partnership with you, I work to unpick what it is you really want to do.

Good coaching includes lots of listening, challenging your thinking, focusing your thoughts and looking beyond the surface to help you uncover what you want and how to get there.

By using Breakthrough Coaching techniques I’ll support you to uncover and develop your own goals and work out how to reach them.

This is your discovery; I walk alongside you and support you to expand your comfort zone at your pace. I won’t have the answers for you, I will have ways of helping you find the ones that are right for you. Coaching is not therapy or counselling.

We will work to move forward, and while that may work through something holding you back, we look forward to what you will achieve not at what has happened.

Because I’m helping you come up with your own answers then you are not being asked to do something you don’t want to do. Coaching is a safe space to stretch your thinking, comfort zone and challenge yourself. It is time for you, no one else.

One step, just one degree of change – it’s about taking the opportunity to make a small change because that leads on to the next and then the next. A single step in a new direction is the first to your new and exciting future.

Kia Ora – I’m Justine Storey, and I am Orange Fox.

I’ve been on my own career change journey and I’m here to share with you what I’ve learnt so you can successfully make your own. I understand the self-talk rollercoaster means we live a life of what-ifs.

The biggest change for me was flipping ‘What if I do that and fail?’ to ‘What if I don’t do it and nothing changes?’.

I realised it was time to focus on my own wellbeing. After three decades of building a career in communications and marketing there came a day when I knew I wanted to make my own life change.

I paused and took time to look at:

  • When was I really happy in my day?
  • What was missing from my life
  • What changes could I bring in to make that happen?

It was the first time in years where I took time and invested in myself, my own wellbeing and my own life purpose.

With 30 years experience in communication, 10 years in team management and leadership as well as several years working in business change, my strengths are in listening to really understand what is going on and what is needed.

My passion lies in mentoring and guiding people to be their best and I am a firm believer if you have to do something then you should be enjoying it.

I believe we need to be living our own authentic life not one that others want us to live. Taking up Life Coaching was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. It offers me joy, fun, flexibility, creativity and variety. All while supporting others to improve their lives. It couldn’t get any better.

I’ve had some great coaching myself. I can still remember some of the aha moments, those times where I had moment of clarity. I can still feel the weight being lifted from my shoulders, my head lift higher and the excitement at the idea of my next step.

It is moments like those I want to bring alive for you. If you are still unsure reach out and lets talk to see if coaching is right for you.


Investing in yourself will help you find your true worth.

I am:

  • A certified in Breakthrough Life Coaching and Abundance Coaching through New Zealand Life Coaching.
  • An Associate Member of the Australia New Zealand Life Coaching Alliance – ANZCAL

If you think we could be a great fit and want to get your life back on track please get in touch.