Be Prepared – Career planning

HELLO Spring – the perfect time to do some career planning so by the time the new year comes around you are ready to grab it with both hands.

With the coming of spring the clouds of winter lift and the world feels like it comes to life.

I love this season.  For me it represents growth, a refresh, a chance to clear out the cobwebs and look to the future.  Some people use new year as the time to review, set goals and plan.  And while I like to start a new year setting goals, I also like to be ready to jump in and get things started.

Are you ready?

Are you already looking forward to the end of the year? Have you been starting to think about your career and what is next? Then now is a good time to start preparing.  

Is your CV up to date? Do you need to review your LinkedIn profile or even just think about where you might like 2023 to take you? Maybe you are in a job you know you want to leave but are waiting till the new year to do anything about it.  Well, why wait to start the process?

When I was a Girl Guide we were taught to Be Prepared. Do the work now so you are ready for the future. This is certainly true when you are looking for a career change. To make a change work best for you it is worth taking time to think about what you want, what gives you a sense of purpose and what drives you. That way you aren’t just jumping into something and hoping it will be right for you.

But even if you aren’t wanting to change careers it is still worth asking yourself am I happy with where I am now? How do I want to progress, am I satisfied and are my needs being met?  If the answer to those questions is yes then great. If you answered no, or you’re not sure then spending some time over the next few months could set you up for the new year you want.

Preparing a career plan

Career planning through coaching supports you to ask those questions and more.  Find your purpose, understand and make a plan to get the career you want.  Whether it’s going for a promotion, improving where you are or finding something completely new, doing the work now will give you the best opportunity at success.

Spinning a career wheel and betting on the next move being the right one doesn’t always get you what you want. Starting with a plan puts the odds back in your favour.

The new year is full of people wanting to change career and if you want to start ahead of the pack by being ready to go then start preparing now. A plan means you can relax into the end of the year knowing you are ready to take on 2023 and get what you want.

Get a career plan for 2023 – contact me now to talk about preparing for the future.

Hi, I’m Justine & I am Orange Fox

With 30 years of experience in communication, 10 years in team management and leadership as well as several years working in business change, my strengths are in listening to really understand what is going on and what is needed.

My passion lies in mentoring and guiding people to be their best and I am a firm believer if you have to do something, like working for a living, then you should be enjoying it. Life is for living and I believe we need to be living our own authentic life not one that others want us to live.