CV tips

Not all CVs are created equal. Your CV is the first impression to your potential new employer so it pays to get it right. Here are my top CV tips.

During a recent TVNZ Breakfast interview I highlighted some things to consider if you find yourself having to navigate looking for a new role.

Going through a restructure, being made redundant or simply just choosing to change roles can be a roller coaster. One of the best ways to manage the process is to get prepared and that starts with a good CV.

My CV tips

  1. Tailor your CV to the role you are applying for – one CV will not fit all roles.
  2. Ensure you have a clear and easy to read layout. 
    – Use bullets to give space around your information. This makes it easier to read.
    – Don’t put content in special boxes.
  3. Highlight your best skills (especially the ones you want to use). Make sure to demonstrate as many skills as possible to the role you are going for.
  4. Keep sentences simple – don’t make things too detailed. This is an overview of your skills and experience not your full life story.
  5. Check the information is relevant. As you go ask yourself – Why am I sharing this bit of information? Does this demonstrate information relevant to the role I’m going for?
  6. Highlight work you are proud of but make sure it demonstrates the skills and experience asked for in the role.
  7. Be honest – it may seem unnecessary to say but don’t lie or exaggerate on your CV.
  8. Get someone to check it for you – make sure there are no spelling or gramma mistakes and that it makes sense.

If you want help to craft a great CV get in contact I’m here to help.

Hi, I’m Justine & I am Orange Fox

With 30 years of experience in communication, 10 years in team management and leadership as well as several years working in business change, my strengths are in listening to really understand what is going on and what is needed.

My passion lies in mentoring and guiding people to be their best and I am a firm believer if you have to do something, like working for a living, then you should be enjoying it. Life is for living and I believe we need to be living our own authentic life not one that others want us to live.