Who is in your village?

Hi and welcome to another musing from the garden shed. Today I want to talk a little bit about having that network of support people around you. When we talk about raising children, there’s that old adage of it takes a village to raise a child. So why and when, as we start to grow older and become adults, do we, do we lose that need to have Uh, that village around us?

If we think about great sports stars, you know, tennis players for example, have a tight group around them that they can call on to help all aspects of their game. Not just a tennis coach, but a mindset coach, a business coach, fitness, and nutrition. All sorts of people around them that they can call on to help them develop their best game and be at their best.

So why as adults do we think that we have to do this all alone? I know some amazing coaches around New Zealand and so this is a bit of a plug for creating a network of people around you that you can call on when and as you need it.

If you got sick or had an injury, you’d be more than happy to reach out to a physio or massage therapist or a doctor as and when you needed it.

So why isn’t that the same for all other aspects of your life? Because as I’ve been on my own journey, I have a host of people that I can call on. Coaches and other experts, that, as I need them, I can tap into their resources to help me be the best person and therefore the best coach that I can be.

So my question for you today is, who’s in your network? Who’s in your village? If I went to visit your village today, who could I tap into that could really help me and you be the best person you could be?

Hi, I’m Justine & I am Orange Fox

With 30 years of experience in communication, 10 years in team management and leadership as well as several years working in business change, my strengths are in listening to really understand what is going on and what is needed.

My passion lies in mentoring and guiding people to be their best and I am a firm believer if you have to do something, like working for a living, then you should be enjoying it. Life is for living and I believe we need to be living our own authentic life not one that others want us to live.